Weekend Recap

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So as I sit here listening to the always enjoyable Miike Snow I find myself wondering where the weekend went. The roomies, all three and a half of them, were out of town for the weekend. Though I missed them dearly, this gave me ample time to stroll the hallways pants-less and sleep in until noon without my bedroom door being broke down. I supposed I should mention the half roommate is not a little person, that’d just be rude, but rather a Jack Russel Terrier by the name of Deezle aka Deezy F Baby. But I digress. The weekend for me starts at about noon on Friday. Not because I have the dopest job ever and only work half days on Fridays, but because by that time, my metal capacity and attention span has reached its limit for the week.

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Friday was fun but let’s fast forward to Saturday, which happened to be my favorite holidays of the year…NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY! I suppose I should say besides craft beer I’m a sucker for some good tequila. A few of my friends and I decided to check out a new taqueria called Donkey. I’d heard great things about it and couldn’t wait to scope it out. First of all the venue is quite unique, set in a former 1920’s neighborhood service station on Wealthy St. The decor (and wall of 30+ tequilas) set the stage for an incredible afternoon full of laughs and…well…margaritas. The food was just as good as it sounded. Pork belly tacos, pork shoulder tacos, white fish tacos, queso, guac…ok I need to stop I’m drooling on my laptop. Moral of the story, go check this place out! When the weather breaks, which will be sooner than later I hope, they have a giant patio equipped with retractable garage doors that will blend the outside with the in. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be a Donkey regular.

Sunday started off with another lazy morning followed by $3 mimosas and IPA battered fish & chips at the Winchester. The Winchester is right across the street from Donkey and shares the same owner, Paul Lee. I swear I didn’t plan this but props to Mr. Lee, I see you.


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