Weekend Recap.

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This past weekend was quite possibly one of the best I’ve had in a while. The weather, for what seems like an eternity, managed to break 45 degrees. Even if it was very short lived, I took full advantage of it. So, Friday was spent strolling along the Grand River with random stops and bars & breweries of course. If you think the winter blues are a myth I challenge you to come interview the people of West Michigan. This has been by far the most intense winter of my life. I officially have decided I can’t take it anymore so I’m boycotting wearing boots and my winter jacket.

Saturday was one of the more popular events in Grand Rapids, Irish on Ionia. Every year Ionia Street is shut down and manages to exceed the attendance from the year prior. This year there were some 20,000 attendees expected. I don’t know what the final count was but based on how jam-packed the tents were I would imagine they came close! This year was better than last year because I actually made it home in one piece but not as good as two years ago when it was 80 degrees! A girl can dream…

Sunday my gal pals and I traveled to Detroit for a Lorde concert at the Fillmore. It was awesome to see her in my favorite venue of all time. The concert was as I expected – chill. No crazy performance, no band – just her belting out insanely dope tunes. I give her mad credit because at 17 she manages to write her own songs that are so much more complex and artfully crafted than the Mileys and Taylors of the world. I couldn’t help but chuckle though when she went on a rant about how scary it is to be that age and all the unknowns. I remember being in high school and how big everything seemed and to her I say keep on doing what you’re doing and trust me YOU’LL BE FINE.


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