East side love is living on the West end

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The weekend before last I traveled to the east side of the state with my man friend. Every once in a while you have to take a spontaneous road trip (even if its only a few hours away) to help clear your head and have a little excitement. Friday we attended a Red Wings game and had INCREDIBLE seats. The game was against the Buffalo Sabres. It was a great game to be at because we WON! The man friend and I then headed to the hotel room we reserved at Greektown Casino and were surprised to find out they placed us on the 29th of 30 floors. The view was absolutely stunning. After a quick refresh we headed out to some of the local bars, including my favorite, The Old Shillelagh. I was thoroughly impressed with our stamina because after hitting 3 or 4 bars we ended up in the casino. If you don’t already know this…let me share with you a little advice. Ending up in the casino after an evening of drinking is ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS, a bad idea. Apparently, my alter ego came out to play, throwing down hundos like it was nothing. We all need to feel like a baller every once in a while I suppose…Fake it till ya make it?

The next was full of exploration. We checked out the Michigan Central Station which was opened in 1913. In 1988, the last Amtrak train pulled away from the station after it was decided to close the facility and since then it has lied in a state of purgatory. I would give just about anything to explore the inside of this landmark. Unfortunately it is fenced off by barbed wire and heavy fines will find any who attempt to break in. I have seen many photos from those who were daring enough to venture beyond the fence. The inside is covered from floor to ceiling with graffiti. I’m sure it is a sight to be seen. There is something so hauntingly beautiful about the structure. Seen from miles around, its enormous stature is a reminder of what Detroit used to be and hopefully will be again.

Check out this link to see what the station used to be like and this link to see what it’s like now.


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